Historical facts
Founded 1579
Geographical facts
Island Prasian Island
Region Ortega
Districts 6 boroughs
Population 125,000
Mayor Miguel Delgado (PSD)
Demonym Adahuescan
Language Spanish

Adahuesca is a large city in Prasia, and the capital city of the region of Ortega, with a population of approximately 125,000. The city is located on the south-west coast of Prasian Island.

Adahuesca is widely considered to be Prasia's second city, as it is the second-largest city by population, and is one of Prasia's leading centres of business, tourism and culture.

It is twinned with Civitas Libertas in Libertas.




1. Viejo Centro- The oldest part of Adahuesca, and home to many historical and administrative buildings

2. Puerto Benito- The financial center of the city, also boasts some of the city's best beaches and entertainment venues.

3. Los Príncipes- The cultural heart of the city, with hundreds of restaurants, bars and theatres. It is also renowned for its nightlife and arts scene.

4. Villa Bartolome- A former industrial working class neighbourhood, Villa Bartolome is now a trendy and popular centre of culture and commerce. Universidad de Ortega is located here, along with a large student population

5. San Simeon- An affluent borough popular with tourists. The south of the district is popular with tourists, due to the district's beaches that are close to the city centre, along with the bustling Avenida Alfonso. The north of the district is amongst the most affluent residential areas in Prasia.

6. Olivares- A residential neighbourhood in the north west of the city

7. Reinosa- Formerly a town in its own right, this residential suburb is now considered part of Adahuesca

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The Universidad de Ortega, one of the largest universities in Prasia, is located in Adahuesca.



TAV high speed rail services link Adahuesca with San Serena and San Ramon. Meanwhile, the Metro Ligero light rail system serves the city's districts, as well as providing a link to the airport.


Adahuesca is easily accessible from the A1, which links it with eastern Ortega, San Serena and San Ramon. Meanwhile, minor roads link the city with the nearby resorts of Laredo and Torreblanca.


Adahuesca is served by Adahuesca Airport, in the northwest of the city. The airport serves several domestic routes, linking Adahuesca with other major Prasian cities.

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