Ayuntamiento de San Serena
Ayuntamiento de San Serena
Type Unicameral
Houses Ayuntamiento de San Serena
Mayor Feleciano Cubillas
Speaker of the Assembly Noelia Maldonaldo
Members 30 councillors
Political Groupings Government Parties
  • ██ PSD (9)
  • ██ PV (6)
  • ██ Ind. (1)

Other Parties

  • ██ PCC (9)
  • ██ UPD (4)
  • ██ IU (1)
Last Elections October 2012

Ayuntamiento de San Serena is the legislative authority of San Serena, which is presided over by the Mayor and consists of 30 councillors, elected from constituencies across the city, which are elected at regional elections through universal suffrage. The current Mayor is Feleciano Cubillas, who leads a coalition of councillors from the Social Democratic Party, Green Party and an independent progressive.

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