Conservative Centrist Party
Partido Centrista Conservadora
Partido Conservadora
Abbreviation PCC
Leader Marcos Pinilla
Deputy leader Carmen Alvarez
Founded 1983
Ideology Conservatism
Social libertarianism
Spectrum Centre, centre-right
Prasian politics
Predecessor none
Close to none
Far from Green Party, Social Democratic Party
14 / 50
6 / 20
Notable members
Marcos Pinilla, Carmen Alvarez

The Conservative Centrist Party (Spanish: Partido Centrista Conservadora) is a Prasian centre-right and libertarian party. It is currently the second biggest party in Prasia, by both membership numbers and representation in Congress. The leader of the party is Marcos Pinilla, and the deputy leader is Carmen Alvarez.

The party was founded in 1983, when the Conservative Party rebranded itself to move further towards the centre, although some centre-right wing, social conservative factions remain within the party.

The party spans a wide range of political viewpoints, and as such there are several factions within the party with the largest being the Centrists (economically moderate and socially libertarian) and the Conservatives (economically and socially conservative).




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