Benitez 2

Benitez campaigning during the Presidential election, 2012

Cristina Benitez Villalba (born October 19, 1969) is a Prasian actress, model and politician. Born in rural Valderejo, she rose to fame during the early 1990s after appearing on a television commercial, and later became a model. This was followed by acting roles in several films and television series, which brought her fame across Latin America. Benitez is renowned her role in Señora Yanes (2009).

After travelling to Brunant to pursue an acting career in Europe, Benitez married Brunanter actor, Andrew Cooper in 1996, with whom she had two sons. Six years later, the couple had a heavily publicised divorce, after which Benitez had an affair with Conservative congressman Luis Moya. During this time, Benitez continued to act in both Brunanter and Prasian films, including Señora Yanes, in which she played Nuria, the protagonist.

Benitez entered politics in 2011, and ran in the Presidential election, 2012 as a candidate for the Conservative Centrist Party, although she failed to secure the party's nomination. Since her presidential run, Benitez has largely given up acting, although she continues to make frequent cameo appearances, and will make her directorial debut in 2015.

Benitez lives with her two sons in San Serena, and the family also own homes in Brunant, France and the United States.

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