Eva Vargas
Eva Vargas Coll
Name Eva Vargas
Full name Eva Vargas Coll
Sex Female
Born Traspes Bregues, Traspes
December 30, 1966
Home Cuerabaca, San Serena
Functions Politician, lawyer
Languages Spanish, English
Religious stance Atheist
Political party Green Party

Eva Vargas Coll (born December 30, 1966) is a Prasian politician, as well as the incumbent Deputy Prime Minister and the leader of the Green Party. Vargas was born in Bregues, Traspes, and studied Law and Economics at the Universidad de Ortega, before working as an environmental lawyer in San Serena. Her parents came to Prasia in 1970 because of economic problems in Traspes in that period.

Vargas entered politics in 1999, campaigning for local issues for the Green Party, and eventually being elected to the Congress at the General election, 2005. She was subsequently elected the leader of the Green Party in 2008, and lead the party into the General election, 2010, where her party became part of the ruling coalition, along with the Social Democratic Party. Vargas was then appointed as Deputy Prime Minister in the Sanchez I Government.

Vargas is married and lives in San Serena. She is an atheist and a well known supporter of the pro-choice campaign. She is a maternal cousin of Pedro Martinez who is the Prime Minister of Traspes.