Felipe Salinas Alvarez in 1976

Felipe Salinas Alvarez (March 19, 1924 - December 1, 2006) was a Prasian politician, who served as the country's President between 1980 and 1988. Alvarez was the country's first democratically elected head of state since the regimes of Alfredo Salva and Juan Marquez. Alvarez was a member of the Conservative Party, and later the Conservative Centrist Party.

Alvarez was elected President in 1980, in the wake of almost two decades of military rule, making his election significant. Despite the largely ceremonial role of the President, Alvarez was still credited with playing a major role in restoring peace, stability and democracy to Prasia.

For much of his political career, Alvarez was part of the centrist, libertarian faction of the Conservative Party. He was committed to democracy, and opposed the military regimes of Alfredo Salva and Juan Marquez, despite the fact that he and Salva were members of the same party.

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