Hector Abreu Vidal (born June 29, 1957) is a Prasian politician, as well as the leader of the Christian Democratic Party. Abreu is a deputy in the House of Representatives, representing a constituency in western Catarina.


Abreu was born in Alvear, Catarina to a Prasian father and an Ecuadorian mother who had emigrated to Prasia as a child. Abreu now lives in San Luis with his wife and children and is a Roman Catholic. Abreu joined the Conservative Centrist Party as a teenager and after graduating from university, he became a senatorial aide to a Conservative senator. Abreu later represented the party as a deputy in the House of Representatives and even held several ministerial positions.

However, as a staunch conservative, Abreu soon became disillusioned with the party's move further towards the centre and so in 1996, he formed a breakaway movement with several other senior politicians from the party. This breakaway movement soon became the Christian Democratic Party, of which Abreu has been the leader since its formation.

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