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The current composition of the House of Representatives

The House of Representatives (Spanish: Cámara de Representantes) is the lower house of the Congress. There are currently 50 deputies in the house.

Bills originate in the House of Representatives and are debated and voted upon by its members. Bills which win a majority of support in the House of Representatives move to the Senate, who in turn debate and vote the bills. Bills which meet a majority of support in the Senate are given to the President, although this is largely a formality.

Current compositionEdit

The last elections to the House of Representatives took place during the General election, 2010. The Social Democratic Party won 21 seats, but this was not enough for an overall majority, so they formed a coalition with the Green Party. The main opposition are the Conservative Centrist Party, with 14 seats in the house.

Party Seats
Social Democratic Party 21
Conservative Centrist Party 14
Green Party 8
Christian Democratic Party 4
Union for Progress and Democracy 3

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