Primera Junta

The July Revolution culminated in the Primera Junta declaring Prasia's independence

The July Revolution was an armed conflict that occurred in Prasia between July 1822 and August 1823 between royalist and republican forces. The revolution culminated in Prasia's independence from Spain.

The revolution was sparked on October 28, 1822, when a royalist leader was assassinated by members of the independence movement in San Luis, which led to several months of conflict throughout 1822 and 1823. Much of the conflict was centered around San Luis and rural parts of Ortega and Ponedera.

The revolution culminated in early August 1823, when republican forces captured San Luis and independence was declared by José Maria Alvear in the Plaza de la Independencia on August 7. Two days later, a formal declaration of independence was signed by the Primera Junta, the first independent government of Prasia.

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