La Republica
La Republica
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner La Republica S.A
Editor in chief Victor Alcaraz Zapatero
Founded August 1, 1864
Political alignment Centre
Language Spanish
Headquarters Cuerabaca, San Luis
Circulation TBD

La Republica is a Prasian national newspaper, published daily since 1864. La Republica is considered one of two national newspapers of record, along with La Gaceta. The newspaper's headquarters are in Cuerabaca, San Luis, although it also has regional offices in Adahuesca, San Ramon and Guadajoz. La Republica is owned by La Republica S.A, a publishing company that also publishes several magazines and regional newspapers across Prasia.

Politically, the newspaper is generally seen as centrist and socially liberal, supporting the Liberal Party throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Since that party's dissolution, the newspaper has generally supported the Conservative Centrist Party, but several of the party's editors and contributors have been leftist, with the party supporting the Social Democratic Party in the General election, 2005.

In addition to its headquarters in San Luis, La Republica has international offices in Buenos Aires, Madrid and Alcacer. The newspaper also publishes an English language edition, which is headquartered in Koningstad, and published in Brunant, Lovia and Kemburg. This edition is also available online.

Since 2008, the newspaper has offered an online edition, including exclusive content for subscribers.