Legislatura de la Ortega
Legislatura de la Ortega
Type Unicameral
Houses Legislatura de la Ortega
Presidente de la Legislatura Gonzalo Ayala
Speaker of the Legislature Laura Salinas
Members 30 diputados
Political groupings Government parties
  • ██ PSD (16)

Other parties

  • ██ PCC (9)
  • ██ PV (5)
Last elections October 2016

Legislatura de la Ortega is a legislature which is the highest legislative authority in the Prasian region of Ortega. The legislature is unicameral and its 30 diputados are elected every four years to represent constituencies throughout Ortega. The Governor of Ortega is not technically part of the legislature, although he or she can veto laws passed by the legislature. However, this has become a formality in recent years. The legislature is led by the Presidente de la Legislatura, currently Gonzalo Ayala.