Miguel Escoboza Hernandez (November 2, 1915 - February 20, 1965) was a Prasian politician, who served as Prime Minister between 1960 and 1965. Escoboza was a member of the Socialist Party and became Prime Minister in 1960, succeeding fellow socialist and lifelong ally, Jose Durantez. Escoboza was a markedly more socialist than his predecessor and implemented sweeping socialist reforms that enraged leftists and rightists alike, although many historians argue that Escoboza's reforms had positive effects on the lives of Prasian workers.


Escoboza was born in Villa García, San Luis to Juan and Luisa Escoboza, two prominent trade unionists and writers. Escoboza attended university in the city and briefly studied in Chile.

As Prime Minister, Escoboza implemented sweeping socialist reforms, including mass nationalisation of Prasian industry. These reforms enraged his party's coalition partners, the Liberal Party and caused widespread protests and demonstrations. In 1964, Escoboza faced unrelenting pressure from moderate factions of his own party, as well the Liberal Party and Conservative Party, to resign from his position and call new elections. Escoboza eventually gave into this pressure and promised that elections would take place in 1965.

Only two months before elections were scheduled to take place in 1965, a military coup took place that removed Escoboza from his position, in favour of General Alfredo Salva. The coup culminated in several days of clashes between the military and supporters of Escoboza, which resulted in Escoboza and senior party members being forcibly removed from the Palacio del Congreso. Escoboza was then taken to the Castillo Mendoza, where he was placed under arrest by pro-Salva generals. On February 20, 1965, only a week before he was due to be brought before a court, Escoboza committed suicide in his quarters at the palace.

Escoboza never married or had children, but had a publicly known and highly publicised relationship with socialite Angelica Rodriguez between 1957 and his death.

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