Montellano is a large town in Prasia, located in the north of Ortega. Montellano is located in the mountains of northern Ortega, near the Sierra Jarosa National Park and is therefore a popular destination for tourists coming to visit the national park. Aside from this, the town is also known for its historic architecture.

Due to Montellano's high altitude, it is consistently ranked as one of the coldest settlements in Prasia. It has 16,137 inhabitants.

Settlements in Prasia
Adahuesca - Almázan - Alvear - Benasques - Castillejo - Cerques - Esplegares - Fontanar - Guadajoz - Horcajo - Marchenilla - Monfarracinos - Montellano - Pontecesures - San Agustin - San Juan - San Luis - San Ramon - Torreblanca

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