General information
Official language Spanish
Demonym Ortegan
Capital city Adahuesca
Area TBD
Population TBD
Governor Luis Vega (PCC)
State legislature Legislatura de la Ortega
Senators Ana Tabarez (PCC)
Mariano Romero (PCC)
Santiago Montillo (PSD)
Jaime Gonzalez (PSD)

Ortega is a region of Prasia, located on the south coast of Prasian Island. It is bordered by Catarina and Valderejo to the north and San Luis to the east. Whilst it is the third largest region by area, it has the largest population of any of the country's regions. Adahuesca is the capital of the region and other settlements in the region include Montellano.

Ortega is known for its diverse geography, ranging from the beaches of the southern coast to the mountainous areas of the north of the region, many of which are part of Sierra Jarosa National Park.


Ortega's name originates from Felipe Ortega Campillo, a Spanish military general and politician, who in 1572 led a group of settlers to the region. Felipe Ortega was also influential in the foundation of Adahuesca in 1580.


Law and governmentEdit

Ortega's legislative power is vested in the unicameral Legislatura de la Ortega. The regional legislature consists of 30 deputies, who are elected every four years. The leader of the regional legislature is currently Gonzalo Ayala of the PSD.

Ortega's executive branch, meanwhile, is headed by the Governor, currently Luis Vega of the Conservative Centrist Party.

The region of Ortega is represented in Congress by four senators and ten deputies.

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