General information
Official language Spanish
Demonym Ponederan
Capital city San Ramon
Governor Jorge Moreno (PSD)
State legislature Legislatura de la Ponedera
Senators Valeria Gomez (PSD)
Miguel Ibáñez Diaz (PSD)
Ricardo Gutierrez (PCC)

Ponedera is a region of Prasia, located on the east coast of Prasian Island. It is bordered by Valderejo to the west. Ponedera is the third most populated region of Prasia and its capital is San Ramon.

Ponedera's capital, San Ramon, is the third largest city in the country, after San Luis and Adahuesca. San Ramon is also amongst the oldest settlements in the country, with many tourists drawn to its fort and colonial architecture.

Regions of Prasia
Catarina - Ortega - Ponedera - San Luis - Valderejo - Zamora

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