President of Prasia
Gimenez 1
Sofia Gimenez
since October 11, 2012
Inaugural holder José Maria Alvear
Residence Palacio Echeverria, San Luis
Castillo Mendoza, Marchenilla
Term length 5 years
Salary PR$21,000,000 p.a.

The President of Prasia is the acting head of state of Prasia, and is elected every four years by popular vote. The President has the right to veto any law passed by the Congress, although this rarely happens. The President also appoints the Cabinet on the advice of the Prime Minister. The President's official residence is the Palacio Echeverria, San Luis. The incumbent President is Sofia Gimenez.

Powers and dutiesEdit

  • The power to veto any law passed by Congress, although this role has recently become a more ceremonial one.
  • The responsibility to appoint the Cabinet and other federal officers with the advice of the Prime Minister.
  • The President is the commander-in-chief of the military.
  • The power to declare war, make peace and sign treaties, usually with the support of the Congress.
  • The responsibility of appointing ambassadors and representing Prasia in world trade and diplomacy.

List of Presidents of PrasiaEdit

The list is currently under construction

Picture President Term in office Party
Alvear José Maria Alvear 1824-1836 Independent
Guillerme Alarcón Solorio 1836-1840 Independent
Francisco Esquivel Andrade 1840-1848 Liberal Party
Humberto Graciano Lopez 1848-1856 Conservative Party
Cesar Álava 1856-1860 Liberal Party
Alejandro Ramirez de Leon 1860-1864 Liberal Party
Fulgencio Narvaez Delgado 1864-1872 Conservative Party
Felipe Alvarez 1872-1873 Conservative Party
Ignacio Salazar Morales 1873-1876 Conservative Party
Miguel Celada Sandoval 1876-1884 Liberal Party
Sergio Lopez Garcia 1915-1917 Conservative Party
Juan Jose Castro 1917-1920 Conservative Party
Pedro Rojas Gonzales 1920-1921 Conservative Party
Juan Ramirez 1921-1925 Conservative Party
Aurelio Diaz Araya 1956-1960 Socialist Party
Jorge Sanchez Peralta 1960-1965 Socialist Party
State Junta for National Salvation February-July 1965 Military
Alfredo Salva Alfredo Salva 1965-1977 Military
Julian Rojas 1977-1979 Conservative Party
Juan Marquez 1979-1980 Movimiento Revolucionario de Izquierda
State Junta for National Salvation April-October 1980 Military
Salinas Felipe Salinas Alvarez 1980-1988 Conservative Centrist Party
Carlos Hernandez Barriga 1988-1992 Social Democratic Party
Javier Gomez Castro 1992-1996 Conservative Centrist Party
Daniel Betancur 1996-2000 Social Democratic Party
Mora Gonzalo Romero Mora 2000-2008 Conservative Centrist Party
Oscar Hidalgo Oscar Hidalgo 2008-2012 Social Democratic Party
Gimenez 1 Sofia Gimenez 2012- Social Democratic Party

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