Prime Minister of Prasia
Cristian Ramirez
Cristian Ramirez
since September 24, 2014
Inaugural holder Eduardo Santos Garza
Residence TBD
Term length 5 years
Salary PR$13,000,000 p.a.

The Prime Minister of Prasia (Spanish: Presidente del Gobierno) is the head of government of Prasia, elected by the Congress after each general election. The Prime Minister is usually the leader of the party with the most seats in Congress. The Prime Minister is responsible for advising the President as to who should be appointed to the Cabinet. The incumbent Prime Minister is Cristian Ramirez.

List of prime ministers of PrasiaEdit

Picture Prime Minister Term in office Party Government Notes
Santos Garza Eduardo Santos Garza April-June 1825 Independent Liberal independents Deposed
Jose Costilla* 1825-1827 Independent Conservative independents Deposed and executed
Eduardo Santos Garza* 1827-1830 Independent Liberal independents Deposed and exiled
Juan Ramos Costilla* 1830-1833 Independent Conservative independents Deposed
Carlos Castro* 1833-1835 Military - Deposed after popular revolt
Antonio Soto Mendez 1835-1840 Independent Liberal independents First peaceful transition of power
Juan Angel Contreras 1840-1843 Liberal Party PL Deposed and arrested
Felipe Luna 1843-1844 Conservative Party PC Deposed and executed
Carlos Castro* September-December 1844 Military - Deposed and executed
Tercera Junta* 1844-1845 Military - Hands over power
Jorge Luis Rojas 1845-1855 Conservative Party PC Second peaceful transition of power
Juan Angel Contreras 1855-1863 Liberal Party PL Deposed after war
Ramon Lopez Salazar* May 1863 Conservative Party PC Deposed
Benjamin Rojas* May-July 1863 Military - Assassinated
Ramon Lopez Salazar* 1863-1867 Conservative Party PC Deposed by internal coup
Pedro Azara de la Rosa 1867-1875 Conservative Party PC
Fernando Simon Ochoa 1875-1885 Liberal Party PL
Juan Pablo Redondo* 1885-1901 Conservative Party PC Becomes dictator, dies in office
Francisco Villaverde 1901-1910 Conservative Party PC Deposed after civil war
Sergio Ruiz* 1910 Liberal Party PL Deposed and arrested
Juan Luis Molina 1910-1913 Liberal Party PL Assassinated
Joaquin Mateo Blanco* 1913-1915 Liberal Party PL Deposed and arrested
Antonio Martinez Jovellar* 1915-1925 Conservative Party PC Dictator, gives up power
Eugenio Lopez Dominguez 1925-1930 Liberal Party PL
Alvaro Mendieta 1930-1935 Conservative Party PC
Eduardo Figueroa 1935-1941 Liberal Party PL-PS First free-re-election, deposed
Manuel Vazquez* 1941-1945 Military - Deposed after popular protest
Military-Civilian Junta* 1945-1946 Military - Hands over power
Eduardo Frias 1946-1955 Conservative Party PC
Jose Durantez 1955-1960 Socialist Party PS
Escoboza Miguel Escoboza 1960-1965 Socialist Party PS-PL Arrested and committed suicide
State Junta for National Salvation February-July 1965 Military - Dissolved
Alfredo Salva Alfredo Salva* 1965-1977 Military - Died in office
Julian Rojas* 1977-1979 Conservative Party PC Deposed by leftist guerrillas
Juan Marquez* 1979-1980 Movimiento Revolucionario de Izquierda MRI Deposed by the military
State Junta for National Salvation April-October 1980 Military - Hands over power
Vicente Navarro 2 Vicente Navarro 1980-1985 Conservative Centrist Party PCC
Luis Rodriguez Luis Rodriguez 1985-1990 Social Democratic Party PSD Deposed by internal coup
Barrera José Manuel Barrera 1990-1995 Social Democratic Party PSD
Pilar Ortiz2 Pilar Ortiz 1995-2005 Conservative Centrist Party PCC
Ana Martin Ana Maria Martin 2005-2010 Social Democratic Party PSD
Sanchez Alonso Sanchez 2010-2014 Social Democratic Party PSD-PV
Cristian Ramirez Cristian Ramirez 2014- Social Democratic Party PSD-PV

* signifies military or civilian dictator

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