This is a list of public holidays in Prasia.


Date Holiday Spanish name Notes
January 1 New Year's Day Año Nuevo
March 15 Labour Day Día del Trabajador
Varies Easter (Good Friday) Viernes Santo
Varies Easter (Holy Saturday) Sabado Santo
July 25 St. James' Day Santiago Apóstol Only observed officially in Zamora
August 7 Independence Day Día de la Independencia Commemorates Prasian independence from Spain on August 7, 1823
October 7 Democracy Day Día de la Democracia Commemorates Prasia's return to democracy on October 7, 1980
October 12 Columbus Day Día del Descubrimiento de Dos Mundos
November 1 All Saints' Day Día de Todos los Santos
November 24 Women's Day Día de las Mujeres Commemorates the day that Prasian women got the vote on November 24, 1929
December 25 Christmas Day Navidad

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