Señora Yanes is a 2009 Prasian comedy drama film, directed by Susana Fernandez, written by Fernando Nuñez and starring Cristina Benítez Villalba and Hernan Perez Castro. The film is based on real events in Pontecesures, Zamora in 1982 and deals with many political and social issues of the day, including regional nationalism, women's rights and unemployment. The film was released on February 11, 2009.

The film is about Nuria, a young housewife (played by Cristina Benítez Villalba) living in Pontecesures, Zamora, who opens a Galician language kindergarten in her town. Later, the school is closed by local government officials and Nuria unwittingly becomes a symbol of Zamora's Galician speaking community and the regional autonomy movement. The film also touches on several other social issues affecting the community at the time, including women's rights and unemployment.

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