Socialist Party
Partido Socialista
Abbreviation PS
Founded 1927
Disbanded 1973
Ideology Socialism
Spectrum Left, centre-left
Prasian politics
Successor Social Democratic Party
Close to Social Democratic Party
Green Party
Far from Conservative Centrist Party
Christian Democrats
0 / 50
0 / 20
Notable former members
Miguel Escoboza, Jose Durantez

The Socialist Party (Spanish: Partido Socialista) is a former Prasian socialist political party. The party was founded in 1927 and was hugely influential in Prasia in the early to mid-20th century with several of Prasia's Prime Ministers of the 20th century being either of the Socialist Party, or the leader of a coalition involving the party.

In 1973, the party merged with a leftist breakaway movement from the Liberal Party to form the Social Democratic Party, which continues to be influential on Prasian politics to this day.