UD Everest is a Prasian football team currently playing in the Second Division. It is based in the controversial Everest refugee community southwest of San Luis, near San Luis International Airport. The club was founded in 2008 by a group of local organisations and charities in order to help the public relations of the community and create new jobs for otherwise unemployed refugees. Indeed, the team's squad is mostly made up of Everest immigrants, from South America and the vicinity of Tibet. Despite the controversial legal status/situation of the refugee community, and the fact that it relies mostly on donations and charities for sponsoring, UD Everest has had quite good performances in the Second Division, and could even be a contender for promotion to the First Division.


No. Nation Pos. Player
1 Nepal GK Rohit Santosh
2 Tibet DF Tenzin Wangchuk
3 Bolivia DF Alejandro Saucedo
4 Nepal DF Assadhulla Rai
5 Bhutan MF Yeshey Thinley
6 India MF Attoichandra Singh
7 Peru MF Victor Lizarbe
8 Tibet MF Kelsang Zhianxe
9 Prasia flag FW Ahmed Mousra
10 Nepal FW Bharat Khairul
11 Tibet FW A. R. Gyatsen

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