Union for Progress and Democracy
Unión para el Progreso y la Democracia
Abbreviation UPD
Leader Manuel Hernandez Rivera
Deputy leader Miriam Carretero Garrido
Founded 1994
Ideology Social liberalism
Spectrum Radical centre, centre-left
Prasian politics
Predecessor None
Close to Social Democratic Party, Green Party
Far from Conservative Centrist Party
3 / 50
0 / 20
Notable members
Manuel Hernandez Rivera, Miriam Carretero Garrido, Lorena Trevino

The Union for Progress and Democracy (Spanish: Unión para el Progreso y la Democracia) is a Prasian political party, founded in 1994 and led by Manuel Hernandez Rivera. The party is socially liberal and progressive in its values, but more centrist than parties such as the Social Democratic Party and the Green Party, with most members being either part of the radical centre or moderate centre-left.

Although it has been active on a regional level for almost twenty years, the party has only recently achieved national representation, winning three seats in Congress at the General election, 2010.

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